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Venues, associations, where to play?
DIY bands and artists, find venues and musical associations
This section is dedicated to DIY bands, looking for cool and accessible small venues in France or in the United Kingdom, as well as musical associations organizing gigs.
Each venue or association featured here will answer a list of questions in order to describe precisely what it has to offer to artists, from conditions to play there to the technical equipement available, room capacity, etc.
SECTION UNDER CONSTRUCTION... More towns (and an introduction of Angers & London) to come!
The question lists for concert venues and musical associations
Here's the current list of questions for the venues and associations. If you manage one of them and would like to appear in this section, please contact me. A big thank you to Andy Halliday, Craig Hansen and Yann Le Floc'h who helped me complete the list!
- Who should the bands contact to play the venue? Please give an email address and phone number.
- Do you get a lot of requests? How long does it usually take for artists who contact you to get an answer?
- When/how often do the gigs take place?
- What time are the bands supposed to install their equipement?
- What time do the soundchecks take place?
- What time do the bands usually play? What time can they leave?
- Do the bands have to pay to play the venue?
- Do the bands get paid when they play the venue? If so, in which way (paid entries, sharing the drinks money, passing the hat, etc)?
- What's the available equipment (speakers, mixers, backline, etc...) and what are the technical specifications (PA, stage dimensions, fold back details...)? If no PA's available, where can the band hire some if needed?
- Is there a sound engineer? If not, and if the band doesn't come with their own, do you have any local contact to recommend?
- Is there anyone in charge with stage lighting? If not, and if the band doesn't come with their own lightning engineer, do you have any local contact to recommend?
- What's the room capacity?
- Can the artists make a guestlist?
- Is there any kind of dressing room for the artists?
- Is there storage space for bands to leave their gear in whilst other bands are on?
- Is there any public transport near the venue? If not, is there anyone who can pick up the band at the town's train station or elsewhere?
- Is it possible to park a car or van near the venue?
- When does public transport stop?
- Is it possible to sleep directly at the venue? If not, is there any cheap accomodations nearby?
- Is it possible to eat at the venue? If so, will it be free for the bands or not?
- Are the artists's accomodation and travel expenses paid?
DIY bands and artists, find venues and musical associations
Wanna get involved with the venues section?
This section is meant to be a group project, involving people living in different parts of France and the United Kingdom, in order to develop a network on both sides of the Channel. Firstly, each contributor will briefly introduce his/her town with some key information such as the available public transport, some tips for cheap accomodation, local contact to hire gear if needed, etc. Secondly, each contributor will meet some small local venues or musical associations who might correspond to this section, telling them about the project to see if they'd like to feature the site.
So, whether you are a musician, photographer, musical journalist, etc... or simply an indie music lover, if you want to get involved with Turn-Ons Indie Attitude to help artists and bands, please contact me! :)
Angers, France
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