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17/04/2013 - Next evening at Le Temporel, Angers (France)
Le Temporel, Angers, concerts de the High Sausages , Cendrio et LCT

Last February, thanks to a friend, I could discover the association from Anjou "Le Temporel" (The Temporal) and attend a concerts-evening they organized, with artists Little 6ster and Electrical Woods.

Angers is a French town located in the Loire Valley, in the "Pays de la Loire" region. Le Temporel's evenings take place in "salle Riobé" (Riobé room), in the area of Angers called "Lac de Maine", in a friendly atmosphere. The association's volunteers set up a nice stage, with very good lighting. The room dedicated to gigs can welcome up to 100 people. I will get back to you about it and give you more details in the forthcoming "Venues" section of the site.

For now, let's focus on the next evening, which will take place on April 20th 2013. This time, the association will welcome The High Sausages (French blues rock band) and Cendrio (French pop-rock artist). As usual, Le Temporel's official band, Le Collectif Temporel (a.k.a L.C.T), will play cover songs and their own music (among which the very nice anthem of the association) between the two bands' performances.

Alright, now let's talk about the two bands of the evening. First, this is a track by the High Sausages (you'll find some more on YouTube):
And this is a song by Cendrio, which video was made with the help of the children of Mazé's Marcel Pagnol school (I precise this because this used to be MY school, a long long time ago! lol) :

The association offers, to these wishing it, to dine with the musicians and volonteers (please call the phone number on the poster above to book). So, if you want to spend a nice evening, full of musical discoveries, let's meet on April 20th!

Le Temporel, Angers, samedi 20 avril 2013
17/04/2013: Next evening at Le Temporel, Angers (France)
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