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31/03/2013 - Latest tales from Isabel Monteiro and Drugstore
Silhouette of a smoking Isabel Monteiro, Drugstore
My love story with DRUGSTORE has been a long one, ever since I first discovered the band in Bernard Lenoir's program (the French John Peel) on French radio France Inter, back to 1998, with a wonderful live performance ("Black Session").
I guess the story shall be told some day but right now, let's focus on the latest news from Isabel Monteiro and "the Store". March 14th 2013: while the world gets all excited about White Smoke going out the Sistine Chapel, Drugstore's fans (a.k.a Drugsters) are excited too but about another kind of white smoke - it's coming right out of Isabel's mouth, on the home page of the band's brand new website!
This lovely homemade website is the first big news, but more good surprises are to come to the visitor: the band's working on a Best of to be released this summer and fans are welcome to email their suggestions as for which songs it should feature; several gigs are to be announced soon for this summer too; and last but not least, Isabel has started to gather material for a next album!
To keep up to date with the latest tales from the Store, this is the place to be.

Below, I invite you to discover a very intimate version of "Alive", filmed by my friend Gary Simpson at the St Pancras Old Church gig, London, on January 18th this year.

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Drugstore Isabel Monteiro
31/03/2013: Latest tales from Isabel Monteiro and Drugstore
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