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16/03/2013 - "O.B.E" or close your eyes and let your mind fly
Sky Between Leaves
Sometimes, you bump into the most amazing music track. It makes your heart beat faster, your breath accelerate, brings tears to your eyes and, as you close them, you're teleported inside a wonderful daydream... And it moves you to the soul to encounter such beauty, it's a wonderful thing to experience, beyond words!
To me, "O.B.E" by London-based band Sky Between Leaves is one of these.
Inspired by artists Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs's Dream Machine, this track IS a true dream machine in itself! I recommend listening to it in the dark, lying with your eyes closed and let your soul wander amidst the stars and galaxies with a "2001, a Space Odyssey" feel, fly through Fantasia on dragon Falcor's back or just about anything beautiful and blissful that will come to you.
I couldn't dream of a better start to inaugurate the new Turn-Ons blog. Enjoy!
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16/03/2013: "O.B.E" or close your eyes and let your mind fly