Turn-Ons, Indie Attitude, music lover website
Once upon a time, there was a french girl studying English at the university and spending lots of time listening to music, mostly indie rock. She was attending regular gigs with her friends at "le Chabada", a small concert room located in the town of Angers (in the Loire Valley), France... She was taking pictures at the gigs and had made a website called Turn-Ons, Indie Attitude, to host these photos...
As life went on, poor original Turn-Ons found itself abandonned for many a year, as its creator had walked away from the musical world, for various reasons... She finally stepped again in concert rooms in 2009 and the idea of resurrecting her "old friend" came to her mind, only she couldn't think of any interesting idea for the design... This went on for 3 years until this day of January 2012 when she finally pictured the design she wanted for the new version of Turn-Ons.
Hear ye, hear ye, the phoenix is rising from its ashes as your host, miss Lex, is walking the yellow brick road to a new start in music!